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About me

Robert is a freelance AEA and IBEW Local 40 Production Stage Manager currently working in the Los Angeles and Orange County area. He has been working nonstop on theatrical productions since 2009 and in 2018, graduated from Cal State Long Beach with a B.A. in Technical Theatre: Stage Management focus. Robert has stage managed shows throughout California for companies such as Universal Studios Hollywood, SPARC Theatre, The Western Stage, California Repertory Company, Ghost Players Theatre, and helmed projects including the West coast premieres of Of Mice and Men: A Musical Drama and Day After Day: The Life and Music of Doris Day. Robert loves being a Stage Manager because of its unique ability to anticipate and facilitate a production’s needs. Organizing, problem solving, and collaborating with other artists are all perks rather than work that make sure there is never a dull day on the job.

Robert has a great appreciation for film and has worked for the film production company CineSpaces as a Senior Stage Manager. During his tenure, he oversaw their 4 film locations in Los Angeles, maintaining upkeep of the sets and finding solutions to any technical problems. He helped facilitate productions big and small from HBO shoots to passion projects. Robert is currently an Associate Producer on the film Reset.




"In the rehearsal room, Robert manages to possess that magical blend of qualities that one is always looking for in stage managers. He’s friendly and forceful, navigating personal relationships while always taking care of the needs of the show. He has a gentle authority that is appreciated and respected by his colleagues. And, when I worked with him, I felt as if I have a true partner in the room. We collaborated on all decisions concerning the company, both technical issues like scheduling and designer communication, but he’s also someone I trust to talk through more sensitive personal issues, as well."

- Beth Lopes


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